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Post Show: Twang N Bang II

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Holy shit that was great. It was a long, long day but totally amazing. Every band that played killed it. Nothing but great sets the entire night and it really seemed like the “country rock” (or whatever) scene is resonating with people. My favorite part about the show was all of the people who came out to see the show that weren’t familiar with every band but went out of their way to check things out. During every single set I had multiple people come up to me and say some variation of the following “These guys are great, where are they from?”. So great to see people catch a band and get turned on to them off of one show. One of the hardest parts of the music thing is getting your stuff out to new people but I think we proved yesterday that there are people out there seeking good music.

The Tolbert Family Band kicked off the show in style. I think more then any other band that played the Tolberts are the one that get the other musicians paying attention and maybe sweating their own set a little bit. “How I got to Memphis” was a personal favorite for me. Chad sat in on their set, as he has done in the past, and it sounded great.

North County was very well represented by The Sons of KD Elder. I went out on a limb booking them for the show having never heard them but I had several people whose opinion I trust suggest them and boy did it pay off. These dudes define “high-energy” in their set. Great band, great sound and a great group of guys. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.

Our buddy and frequent stage crasher Mark Folkrod played next with his band “The Ghosts of Guadalupe”. Most of their set was as a three piece (Bass, Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar) which I expected to be kinda mellow but they ended up bringing the rock. Mark is better know for his exquisite drumming but it’s nice when he gets out front and leads his band. Bringing his brother Jim out of retirement to play lead guitar was a coup too. Chad sat in on drums again for a few songs until the very end when Mark got all Don Henley on us and sang lead while beating on the drums for a Dexateens cover.

Blackwater Union is one of my favorite bands to see. They all make it look pretty easy and are a very entertaining group of guys (and gal now too). It’s hard to see one of their shows and not sing along the entire time. They self describe as an Old Timey String Band but I don’t think that label quite fits. Whatever the hell it is I can say it feels pretty honest. Always a highlight.

The Pennyjar set was a lot of fun for us partly because we were all pretty euphoric from seeing all the great sets before us and partly because of the guests who joined us. I tried to get Reid from Red Eye to join us for our cover of his cover of our song “I’ll Be Sorry” but he wasn’t feeling it. Too bad, it woulda been rad. Shortly before our set I ran into Louie Ortega who came down because someone told him about the Twang N Bang while he was out shopping. We’ve been covering a few Texas Tornados songs for several years now so I took the opportunity to ask Louie to sit in on “Who Were You Thinking Of” with us. He came to the stage and absolutely killed it. Steve and Mike couldn’t wipe the grins off of their faces. One of my favorite Pennyjar moments ever. Mark Folkrod returned to the stage to join us for “Dead Flowers” after smashing my face with a microphone. We stumbled through it in true Pennyjar fashion and had tons of fun doing so.

Red Eye Junction turned in what I thought was one of their best sets, and I have seen them do many a show. They were firing on all cylinders and brought some serious Honky Tonk to the crowd. I think Reid jacked up his voice by singing hard even though he couldn’t hear himself for a few songs due to a monitor blow out. He soldiered on none the less and I don’t think the crowd knew there was a problem at all, the mark of a professional right there. The Red Eye guys are just about done with their third album believe it or not. Making us look bad.

Cuesta Ridge never fails to play a killer set. Not sure what else I can say about those cats. If you live anywhere on the central coast and haven’t seen their show I really don’t know what’s wrong with you. All of the people in the band are top notch musicians from some of the best bands around here. Probably the closest thing we have to a “super group” in SLO. They had the dance floor filled and capped off the night spectacularly.

So the Twang N Bang was again a great time. I love seeing that we do indeed have a scene of some sort and that people are willing to come out too see a show. Hopefully i’ll run into some of you folks at these bands shows. And I do expect there will be another Twang N Bang.


My problem…

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You see my problem with finishing our next album is that everytime I write a new song I decide that it’s the one thing that was missing from the previous set of songs that were set to be the album. This is why it’s been so long in the works and why we have about 30 songs that are potential tracks. Stupid huh? Our latest tune “Do It All Again” is currently infecting me with that desire yet again. But I won’t give in this time I promise. We may record it and one other and release them as a “single” but it won’t be replacing anything on the album. No really. I mean it this time. I think.

Paddy O’Jar was a blast, many many thanks to everyone who came out, drank and to all the people I dragged up on stage to sing a verse or two. Sounds like some folks dug the Irish tunes so odds are better then good that we’ll take a whack at it again next year.

Coming up this week is the Twang N Bang II at the Frog and Peach. Cool lineup, cool show.

Talk to you soon.

Paddy O’Jar!!!

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So looking forward to tonight’s show. I can’t even remember how this whole idea came to pass but it’s here now. After doing a run through with the extra guests we have playing with us I can honestly say you will love the “Paddy O’Jar” set we play tonight and tomorrow morning. We are doing songs by the Clancy Brothers, Dropkick Murphy’s, Pogues, and the Dubliners along with an original we wrote just for this show. We plan on drinking our fair share of Guinness and Jameson and passing out hats, beads and buttons. It’s gonna be epic. Pennyjar will be doing our normal set (as though any set is ever “normal”) satring at 10pm and then at midnight comes the Paddy O’Jar.

If you can’t make it tonight, or if you just want to come back FAR SECONDS, we will be doing it all again the following morning at 7:00 am. Get your drinking pants on and come down to the Frog and Peach to celebrate with us tonight. No cover and it’s pint night so the beer is cheap! Don’t forget to wear green


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Our buddy Garrett started a website called Uncharted Bands and chose to feature us on it. Take a peek at it and drop him a line if you’re a band looking for some exposure.

Split-Rail (Patrick and Steve acoustic) are opening for Red Eye Junction Saturday the 13th at Creekside Brewing. That place is always a blast and playing with the Red Eye guys is always a pleasure too. Maybe the best part about Creekside is kicking back enjoying some tunes and brews and then at the end of the night you can take home a growler of their beer. Perfect way to end a night.

Twan N Bang II Poster

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Dr. Cain whipped this gem out for the show on the 28th


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Finally got some music up, both on this site and at our bandcamp page. We have Hell or Highwater up on the bandcamp site, it’s our first album back from when we were a very very young band and it hasn’t been available for some time now. Stream the whole album and download a few of the tracks for free if ya like. Workin on more material very very soon, but I always say that.

We are playing this Saturday at the Frog and Peach Pub in SLO opening for our buddies the Trade-Ins. Butch Boswell will be filling in for Steve on guitar so rumor has it we may bust out a few Wilco songs to make that dude happy.

See ya ’round