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Acoustica Attack!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 25, 2010 by whiskeyt

Steve and I had a good time doing the Split-Rail thing out at the Club House in SLO this past Thursday. One of my favorite things about doing our Club House shows is that we usually skip the whole PA system and go straight up acoustic. The room is just the right size that if everyone keeps it down just a bit the music and singing are the perfect level. We were opening up for Joe Koenig who is always a pleasure to see.

This Friday April 30th we will be again doing the Split-Rail situation opening for the Derailed tour. We are very honored to be opening for the guys we are doing this show with. Chad Price of Drag the River, Micah Schnabel from Two Cow Garage and Michael Dean Damron from I Can Lick Any SOB in The House (recently signed to Suburban Home Records!) are all people we’ve seen play multiple times and enjoyed the shit out of them. Hell most of Pennyjar (Jenny was too busy or some such excuse) flew out to Colorado to see Drag the River a few years back.

April 30th 9pm Creekside Brew

The show is at Creekside Brewing which is of course one of our favorite rooms to play too. Hopefully they will have the IPA on tap because last time I had it was splendid. Their Red is pretty killer too if you’re into that kinda thing. Hope to see y’all out there.


Helluva Weekend

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We had a great time this weekend doin the thing in Santa Cruz and the Roller Derby in Paso. Santa Cruz is always a fun stop and the Parish is the kind of place we’d totally hang out in and drink in even when we aren’t playing. The staff and people up there made a good night for us out of something that could have been a disaster. When we got there the San Jose Sharks were just starting their 2nd playoff game. The show had to wait until the game was over and naturally it went into overtime which actually worked out well for us as the Sharks ended up pulling out the win. Thank god for small favors eh? The house cheapo beer “Hamm’s” and some Jameson got us through the night. Cramming four bands into an hour and a half was a bit of a challenge but turned out okay. Hopefully we’ll be back up there before too long.

The Roller Derby was of course a great time. The ladies of the CCRD A-Team are always a pleasure to watch in action and the gals from Reno’s “Battle Born Derby Demons” were sweethearts too. I mean in as much as derby girls are ever sweet. The bout was epic and we had the best seats in the house. The crowd seemed into it but better was that all the Derby ladies were super supportive. Love it.

We won’t be playing too many shows in the very near future as my baby is due on May 10 so i’m taking a bit of time off. However, Steve and I will be doing the acoustic Split-Rail thing opening for the Derailed Tour on Friday April 30th at Creekside Brewing.

See ya ’round

Heading to Santa Cruz

Posted in Uncategorized on April 15, 2010 by whiskeyt

Packing the gear and getting ready to do the rock show up in Santa Cruz. Parish Publick House is a rad pace so we are ready to tear it up. John is dragging his ass down from Rocklin to join us for the set. Expect some rarely heard cuts to rear their ugly/pretty heads in there. You won’t miss Mike though because his badass band the Cross Brothers will be up there with us.

Also playing are Combustable Jones and Animo Jams, two Santa Cruz bands that i’ve heard good things about. If you’re in the area come down and join us for a few good sets and some whiskeys. Did we not mention the Whiskey? Oh yeah, they have plenty and we likes it. Lots. So help us knock some back won’t ya?

Then Saturday we’re at the Roller Derby in Paso starting at 5:30.

Short Trip Outta Town

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Lazy sunday over here right now, and that’s a good thing I think. Next week will be pretty busy though. On Friday we head up to the lovely city of Santa Cruz to play at the Parish Publick House. Our buddy Amber lives up there and hooked us up with a show at the Parish last year. It was a tremendous good time (ask Chad how his night ended) and I can’t imagine this one will be any less. Our buddies the Cross Brothers will be joining us up there along with Combustable Jones so expect a good time. Show starts at 9, whiskey consumption at 9:05.

Following that we will bring ourselves and our hangovers to play at the Central Coast Roller Derby match in Paso on Saturday evening. We play at 5:30 game starts at 7. If you haven’t been to a roller derby I strongly advise you check this one out, you will walk away with a new favorite thing.

We’re also gonna start some more work on the long rumored 2nd album. Ha!


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Yeah so that was probably our worst show ever. Sorry, my bad. We will make it up to ya.

Independent Music & Craft Beer

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Independent music (that’d be Pennyjar) and Craft Brew (like the kind made at Creekside Brew) go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Batman and Robin, the Catholic Church and Sex Scandals. It’s just a classic combo. We really like playing at Creekside Brew not only because it’s a fun room to play but also ’cause we dig the guys over there. Head bartender Jimmy Berlow is a member of the extended Pennyjar family and owners John and Eric have become good buddies too. We first ran into John and Eric at a Firestone Home Brewers Rally awhile before they opened Creekside. It’s cool to see them go from guys with an some beer making skills and a plan to proprietors of a successful Micro Brew and Restaurant of their own.

Tonight at 9pm we will be doing the rock show thing there. Hope you can make it down. I suggest trying the Citra IPA. Hell after the show you can take a growler of it home with you and cuddle in bed with it. This is our last full band show in SLO for a little while so I expect it’ll be a doozy.

See ya soon.