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Molly Whopped!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 6, 2010 by whiskeyt

Epic weekend of shows. I want to write a bit about each band we played with and I will but i’m just beat to death right now. We squeezed in three shows and played at Brews & Bites and Twang N Bang. I’m gonna take a long ass nap then see how I feel.


SJ/SC , A Twang Cometh

Posted in Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 by whiskeyt

Had a great time in San Jose and Santa Cruz last weekend. The Caravan Lounge in downtown San Jose is a punky little dive bar with plenty of character, tall cans of PBR, Jameson and a bartender playing the Avett Brothers and the Violent Femmes on the Jukebox. We knew right away things would be just fine. There were just enough Snaps ‘N’ Tats in the small crowd to make us feel at home when we kicked the set off. We were missing Jenny and Mike but having John back in the bass saddle is always a plus. Met a couple of good people post set and hopefully we will be heading back up there again sometime soon.

Santa Cruz is always good to us, our friend Amber (who rolled out to San Jose too) always takes amazingly good care of us. We spent Saturday pretending to be tourists by going down to the Boardwalk. Wrapped things up by bowling (much easier with a few pitchers of beer) and a helluva BBQ back at Casa-De-Amberto. Former drummer Patrick McGraw was in California for a few days and he joined us up in Santa Cruz. We always have a great time at the Parish Publick House and even a stricter regulation of their entertainment license couldn’t ruin things there. After the previous nights full on rock set we had to scale things back to a gentle acoustic roar for this one. McGraw sat in for a few so that Chad could grab a drink and enjoy the company of our hosts. For some reason every time we play there I end up drinking Hamm’s instead of one of the lovely micro brews they have on tap. Why is that?

This upcoming weekend holds much. Saturday at noon we will be playing at the Brews & Bites fest at the Mission Plaza in SLO. As far as I knwo this is the only actual beer fest in San Luis so get down there to sample the goods. That night we will be opening for Northstar Session at Frog and Peach and then the following day we will be playing at the third Twang ‘N’ Bang at Frog and Peach along with Cuesta Ridge, Nickles and Dimes, Mud Thump, Ghosts of Guadalupe and the fabulous flying Cross Brothers. Last time was a blast and this time should be the same. 6 bands over the course of an evening with no cover charge? How can you lose?

See ya soon