“How You Got ‘Em”

Next up on the album preview schedule is “How You Got ‘Em”. This was the first song Steve wrote for the band and it’s one of my absolute favorites. I don’t think I mention it often enough but Steve Watson is one of my favorite songwriters. He doesn’t write too many but when he does they always kill.

We used to have a song called “Devil I Know” that had a similar structure and feel to it but once we started doing “How Ya Got ‘Em” we knew which song was the superior cut. This song also benefits from Jenny’s harp a fair amount. Along with another song that we haven’t recorded yet “How Ya Got ‘Em” was demoed by Steve and I at his house awhile back. The original was slower (seems to happen that way a lot) and much more sparse. Hopefully that recording will see the light of day sometime soon.

Check the track out on our “Music” page or over at our Bandcamp site.


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