9 (really?) long ass Years into this shit and we still have 3 of the 4 original members. Not too bad for a band playing the least beloved of all musical styles, “Alt.Country”. Whatever that means now.

In 2003 we released our first album “Hell or Highwater”, it has since sold out of its enitre two print runs (yep kiddies we sold that bastard out twice). For about the last year or seven we have been working on a follow up. We have about 25 new songs in the can for a record that we really want to put out this year. But we say that every year. This might be the year though, just so we can thank Alice in the liner notes.

Pennyjar shows can be as jubilant as your first beer bought with your older brothers ID. Or as sad and lonesome as finding out your girl has been screwing your best buddy and also gave him your copy of the Uncle Tupelo “Still Feel Gone/March 16-20” vinyl. Sometimes we are quiet, acoustic and melancholy. Sometimes the guitars are louder then they have any right to be and the drummer knocks his damn cymbals over right on top of my goddamned foot.

We still haven’t played a show that followed the planned set list the entire evening. We are prone to playing songs we don’t really know in the middle of our set just because it seems like a good idea at the time. Friends, family and the the occasional passerby are often recruited to “help” with a song. Sometimes we get too drunk to play well, usually those are our best shows.

Also “Pennyjar” is one word not two.

See ya Soon

Pennyjar is:
John Rhoadarmer – Bass,Vocals
Patrick Hayes – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Steve Watson – Guitar, Vocals
Jenny Watson – Harmonica, Vocals
Chad Nichol – Drums
and Mike Cross – Bass, Guitar


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